Greyhound Association of North Georgia


Greyhound Association of North Georgia is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing some of the best coursing in the United States.

Statistics do not lie, we usually have the highest number of entries per trial of all ASFA coursing clubs.

Our judging panels are carefully screened to provide a variety of competent, honest & knowledgeable judges and lure operators for each trial.

Our equipment is state of the art with  back up machines available at all times! Our equipment rarely fails causing delays to our valued entrants.

Our mission: Make it Fair - Make it Fun - Make it Functional.

Education is a  big part of GANG.  We hold seminars for all aspects of the sport.We always encourage participants  to come forward and ask to learn lure operation, hunt master,field clerk or simply, how to wrap feet. Apprentice & Provisional judges are always welcome.

We invite all to come enjoy good coursing.